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Smarter Cybersecurity Solutions


In today's IT landscape, companies are continuously facing potential threats on a daily basis that can cause irreparable damage to a company and its reputation. Cybersecurity is about doing everything you can to limit your exposure to risk and putting into place sufficient defenses and instilling a security-conscious mindset in your organization.

Assessing Security Risk

The first step is to understand your environment, the type of information being processed and how it flows through your business. By conducting strategic stress tests and proactive checks to your current systems, our team is able to determine potential risks and the associated consequence of data loss. This allows us to design an IT security plan based on the areas identified with the most significant vulnerability and impact.

Security Awareness

At Powerlink, we believe the most important element to IT security is the end-user. If your employees are aware of the risks and potential impact, they are most likely to think and act differently. Our team will provide guidance and direct you to the resources to raise awareness and help keep your end-users informed about the latest security threats.

Cyber Security Services

As the cyber threat landscape evolves with escalating speed, it takes smarter cybersecurity services to successfully protect your organization. With a combination of cyber defense solutions and information security technology, you can operate more securely in a world where everything in increasingly connected.​ 


Some of our security services:

  • ​Security program strategy 

  • Threat and vulnerability management

  • Security architecture and implementation 

  • Enterprise incident management 

  • Identity and access management 

  • Managed security services 

Policies and Procedures

With continuous monitoring in place of your IT infrastructure, we are able to utilize tools that enable us to instantly detect, validate and mitigate possible breaches on your behalf. We implement both procedures and network security policies to ensure your valuable and sensitive information is protected and stays protected.

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